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We can do door repairs, electrical installation, plumbing, wall partition, paiting and aircon service. Get us @ 8371 5952

Door repair and replacement

Looking to change or repair door knob, lock, sliding door roller, or door frame? We can help to fix them.

Repairing Rates: $100-200 (items)
New door : $360-400 (types)
Door frame : $500-900 (types)
Door painting : $80-150 (types)

Electrical service

We help shops, HDB and condos on electrical servicing and our rates are :

Install TV brackets: $50-80 (items)
Install wall mounted fan : $50-120 (items)
Install light : $40-70 (Items)
Isolator installation: $100-150 (items)
Install ceiling fan : $70 (items)

Aircon Servicing

Our maintenance fees as follow:

Normal service : $20-40++ (Items)
Chemical wash : $90++ (items)
Gas top up R22 : $42 - 128.40
Gas top up R410 : $64 - 160.50


Plumbing Service

Need someone to handle dirty job? We can help you to fix all the problem. Our rates as follow

Repair rate: $100-500(items)
Install tap: $40-60 (items)
Install shower set : $60-80 (items)
Install basin : $90-120 (types)
Install toilet bowl : $180 (items)

Painting service

When customer request on painting, we do take the job and our rate are :

Painting services: $280++(type)
Painting 3-room HDB: $800-1280 (type)Painting 4-room HDB: $900-1480 (type)
Painting 5-room HDB: $1050-1580 (type)
Painting 5-room exec: $1780 (type)

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Our service include full coverage of Singapore Island.