Wooden door frame repair

September 15, 2018


Good day and bless to everyone, we would like to share some of the repair works facing by us as following : –

1. Wood rotten in bathroom which caused by moisture content as the water resistance coating vanished after years of installation. The water damage wood will look as mold, stains, wet or swollen and it could be vulnerable to water leaks.

How to treat  this issue?  Well, we should remove any rotten wood and observe the damage area. In case the damage area is not serious, we can fix with mixing up auto filler putty with hardening cream and fill the hollow area before the filler has time to set.. Additional coats of filler to be applied if required. Finally, sand the filler flush with the wood surface and final painting on the wood surface. If the area is too wide and hollow, we would recommend the whole section or full door frame to be replaced.

2.. Wood rotten damage by termite.. This is a more serious case due to presence of termites when noting piles of shelter tubes, sagging floors, hollow wood or frass around the home. The further inspection need to be done to conclude to replace full set of door frame. The situation may out of control when the full house are infected by termites. Our product has termite resistance coating on both.

3.  Door frame cracks or laminates. 

We will seek owner confirmation on replacing full see or partial as partial replacement might get 100 % color brightness with original set. Same case apply to lamination.


 4. Door and frame painting and coating 

Owner confirmation required on the design

5. Hinges & door knob

Same as item 4


Pricing replacing door frame : range between 400-900 based on set and quality.

Price replacing door : range between 300-500 based on set and quality

Other services : 80 -600  based on set and quality

Water damage door

Before and after photos

Door modificaion

Customer request on door modification

Door knob service

Opening lock or change full set of lock

Door and cabinet

Painting and changing new hinges and lock.

Door Lamination

Customer request on door lamination

Hinges and wardrope

Customer request on adjusting and tightening door. Ward rope door alignment

Replacing New door

Painting and new door fabricated in factory


New door frame as termites or cracks

Other Services

All kind of wooden door and sliding door services


We would like to present our hard works. Thank you

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  1. Hello, we are renovating and have to hack and rebuild a few walls, and as a result, will need to rebuild the door frames to the rooms and bathrooms.

    Can we please find out how much the frames (with architrave) + door will cost? Thank you!

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